Non-Destructive Procedures


This process involves inspecting testing or giving materials evaluation components for discontinuities or the differences in characteristics without the destruction of its service in the part or system.  After a scientific trial on the system the materials used can be tried again since no harm is done to them.  This kind of test is used in many fields to start with ultrasonic, dye penetrant tests to mention but a few.  Experimental merging of metals have been tried through nondestructive testing in an industrial ct scanning in the manufacturing industry. The absoluteness of a structure has always been checked by scientists through this method. One must know that the materials invested are quite expensive and the experimental modes done if at all goes wrong might cause a huge loss to the manufacturer.   This technology has quite helped the scientists in their innovations.

 Digital Thermography is the innovation in technology that does not require immediate scanning or the need of developing chemicals to take a scan.  The client receiving the scan is only exposed to the rays for a few minutes or not exposed at all.We all know that the x and gamma rays are hazardous to the body of a human being, but with the nondestructive testing in digital x raying minimizes the risks of one exposure.

 Images produced by the digital x rays are enhanced at a very high magnification, and data storage is at a higher storage.  The machine has quite helped with data storage since data is lost in many hospitals due to the large amounts of the people visiting the hospitals day in day out. The digital x ray also has an improved detail detectability of any area that is under scrutiny. People always experience being shifted from one clinic to another since the latter was not able to do a deep scan on the area of specification or one has gotten a wrong diagnosis due to poor x rays machines.   Well, this radiography has proved to be of importance in dealing with such issues. For more facts about radiology, visit this website at

Engineering has not lagged behind in nondestructive X-Ray. The group can call it a success since the experiment of joining up of the metals without harming any in welding has been proven possible. The military has quite used the nondestructive testing where it has helped them in radioscopic inspection of components to detect defects.  The detection have been used to inspect various components of helicopters aircraft and engine turbine blades.   The exercise have been quite helpful since our military men wont succumb to deaths due to our own ignorance.